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More reality than appearance.
The Thurn & Taxis Palace. Actually, late baroque.
Not a bit of chichi. Very matter of fact. Very cool. Very concrete. In the middle of Frankfurt, on the "Zeil". It doesn't get any better than this. Stairs lead down through the inner courtyard. Through the foyer. Then the 700 square meter "ballroom" opens up.
Chandeliers? No such thing in the future.

Key facts

Studio Frankfurt400 sqm

Saal700 sqm

Foyer330 sqm

Inner courtyard600 sqm

Studio Frankfurt
400 sqm
  • Studio Frankfurt / PALAIS by satis&fy
  • 70 sqm scene area, individually adaptable
  • Fully equipped studio for virtual and hybrid event formats
  • Details in pdf brochure
  • 560 sqm main floor
  • 140 sqm gallery
  • Up to 650 people, row seating
  • Up to 1.000 people, without seating

Like a vessel that you can fill yourself. The clarity of the architecture and materials leaves plenty of room for your own thoughts. We give the hall the necessary breadth and grandeur with a concept of video installations. Sky and clouds. Moon and stars. As if you could fly off and still stay grounded. An exciting mix that creates a wow! in any case and stays in your head.

Yes, you can dance very well here. Modern or classical. And you can also organize a lot of other things. Our feeling is: if it were a dinner, we would suggest "casual fine dining". A congress? Something along the lines of rocket science. A staff event: change topics. Or a future hub. Anything that combines elegance with down-to-earthiness.

Event Support from a single source

Our Partners

Thanks to the alliance with our competent partners, we can offer you 360° support at the highest level. It's good to know who we are working with here. Our goal: because of the long-term cooperation of all partners involved in THE FRAME, many agreements are made internally and our customers can concentrate fully on the essential issues.

satis&fy AG is a leading international provider of live communication and experiental marketing. satis&fy accompany companies, brands and agencies through an ever more rapidly changing communications landscape. With strategic competence, creativity, technical know-how and craftsmanship satis&fy create valuable, intensive relationships with their clients and their audience. And thus increase brand value in the long term.
The Party Rent Group is a Europe-wide event supplier with 24 locations and more than 950 employees in nine countries. For more than 25 years, Party Rent has produced integral equipment concepts for events, combining this with logistics tailored to the needs of the event industry. Their claim: the perfect atmosphere.

History of the building

Headquarters of the imperial post office, seat of the princes, federal parliament, museum, telecommunications center.
The Palais Thurn & Taxis has experienced a lot since its completion in 1739. After the building was badly damaged by bombing during the Second World War, the palace had to make way for a new telecommunications center in Frankfurt. It was not until 2004 that the telecommunications center at this location gave way, the building complex was demolished, and the Palais Quarter was completely rebuilt in its original appearance. Since then, the quarter has been used for a wide variety of events, hotels, restaurants, retail outlets and offices in the heart of Frankfurt's city center.


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